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Walter Ramsay paints a vivid picture of Florida in this gripping mystery. I had trouble putting it down to deal with those inconvenient things like work, kids, life. Walter's characters are great, particularly Tucker, the protagonist. We get a good sense of what makes this guy tick. He's an overgrown kid who never really left the glory days of youth behind and is now in the middle of some serious, big boy games. Walt never really lets go of that adolescent attitude with Tucker though, and it makes everything else more believable.
The plot moves along well. We don't get bogged down in a lot of mundane unnecessary activity which makes the pacing quick but comfortable. I rarely like the first person perspective, but for this genre it works. It has a great Dashiell Hammett meets Jimmy Buffett feel. A great weekend read I highly recommend.
C.T. Clifford
Amazon Review
It’s been a long time since I’ve ended a book and jumped up and gave a fist pump to the protagonist- but I sure did for Tucker! I enjoyed this book immensely; in fact, my only negative point is that it was over way to fast! From the flawless writing and intricate plot lines to the exciting cast of characters, Ramsey has crafted a masterful tale full of intrigue, loss, and family. I’m definitely going back and picking up Beneath the Dune and am looking forward to reading many more stories by Walter Ramsey.
Tracy Riva Books and Reviews

To my mystery fan friends or anyone who enjoys a good read, this one is full of intrigue and comes to life in the familiar landscape of Brevard County. I love a surprise ending
~Damien Share- Florida's outstanding artist, extraordinaire

Refreshing! The style, substance, and overall feel of this novel was a breath of fresh air in a very crowded genre. Ramsay comes straight  at us the reader, no muss, no fuss, just straight out fun, excitement, and action.
~Giovanni Gelati, Book Reviewer

Ramsay keeps the reader on edge, in suspense and definitely engrossed in this fast paced story filled with history, humor, and colorful characters that you hope he brings back for more - FIVE BEAUTIFUL DREAMS - stars.
~Fran Lewis, renowned book review and blog talk radio host.

Beneath the Dune is definitely a page turner. Without out giving away spoilers, I love how the author uses American Indian beliefs, believable characters, and the affecting way he weaves his convincing, interesting story with just the right touch of humor. It most definitely is a great mystery read.
-Jeannie Walker, author Fighting the Devil

The plot unfolded dramatically, with very diverse interesting characters and an absorbing, humorous, and at times, very moving storyline.

Sprinkled with a dash of sex, racial intolerance, and indian mysticism, Beneath the Dune is a pleasant, page-turning read.  I highly recommend it.
~J.D. Tucker, Author - Devisive

It's a mystery that has plenty of twists a nd turns, an easy summer read thats a real page turner.
~Kevin Williams, WOBM radio host

Ramsay’s debut novel is really good.  I loved Tucker’s vulnerability, and it was very easy to connect with the character.  The revelation at the end of the book was a great surprise!  Fans of cozy mysteries will love the style of the book.  I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good mystery.  I can’t wait to read more of Ramsay!

~Darlene’s Book Nook Blog

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It's NOT about telling and selling - it's about building relationships with my readers

 Dear Reader,
If you liked Magnum P.I. you'll LOVE Tucker Lee Anderson!!!!
   With so many storylines in mystery novels, I would like to offer you a fresh approach.
Beneath the Dune is a page turning experience, that entices the reader with a bit of historical insight into the Seminole Indians of Florida, with a pinch of mysticism, a splash of crime, a taste of humor and a whole lot of mystery. 

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Beneath The Dune
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Note from the Author:

I wrote Coastal Access for the pure enjoyment of my fans. After the success of Beneath The Dune, many readers wanted me to continue with the Magnum P.I. like character, Tucker Lee Anderson.

      I enjoy incorporating "real" locations into my novel that people can recognize. Even though the characters are fictitious, the locations are real and people can identify and relate to the locations. History of the selected areas is also authentic.


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